1. "I doubt it's going to be enough to turn African fortunes around"

    During the debate on the new proposal which aims at curbing immigration and boosting development, Frank Engel stresses that the budget available is not big enough to make a difference in Africa. European Parliament, Strasbourg, 07.06.2016

  2. Europäesch Impressiounen Mee 2016

  3. Frank Engel über die Reform des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Asylsystems

  4. Turkey must not try to blackmail Europe, states Frank Engel

    During the debate on the EU-Turkey agreement, Frank Engel stressed Turkey's contribution to the protection of refugees. He argued, however, that the EU-Turkey deal is only the start of a deeper and more conclusive engagement and that Turkey should not try to blackmail the Europe Union. He then...

  5. Europäesch Impressiounen Abrëll 2016

    An der Emissioun vum Abrëll geet d'Kompetenzteam vun der CSV ënnert anerem op d'Gesetz iwwert den Dateschutz, de PNR, d'Problemer an der Landwirtschaft, d'Panama-Papers, de Referendum an Holland, d'Attentater zu Bréissel an och op d'Flüchtlingsproblematik an. Wann Dir eng Fro hutt, déi d'CSV...

  6. Frank Engel discusses the Panama Papers

    Frank Engel participated in a Euranet Plus "U Talking to Me?" debate on the Panama Papers. He argued that the Panama Papers were obtained illegally and he will never accept to protect people who break the law. He then went on to suggest that we need to define what a financial centre is, because...

  7. Frank Engel expresses his support for the recognition of Nagorno-Karabakh

    During a debate on the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, Frank Engel argued that the most recent hostilities began after Azerbaijan violated once again the ceasefire. He also urged the international community to recognise the independence of Nagorno-Karabakh. European Parliament, Strasbourg, 12.04....

  8. Europäesch Impressiounen Februar 2016

  9. Frank Engel MEP on the key role of the member states in the management of migration

    During a debate on migration, Frank Engel emphasises that it is the responsibility of the member states to protect the European Union's common borders.
  10. Europäesch Impressiounen Januar 2016

    "Europäesch Impressiounen" vum Januar 2016: Déi 3 CSV-Europadeputéiert maachen an der Emissioun hire Bilan vun der Lëtzebuerger EU-Présidence.


Frank Engel

Député européen

Né le 10 mai 1975, Luxembourg

Groupe du Parti Populaire Européen
Membre du bureau

Parti chrétien social


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